5 new levels & first boss fight!!!

Hi all! 

In this huge update, there are 5 new levels, a boss fight, and an info screen. The boss fight is the second part of level 10, after the checkpoint. To defeat the boss, you need to beat him in 3 stages, each stage his power increases. On stage 1, he just spits at you. On stage 2, He jumps around and spits on you. And on stage 3, the boss has a spike on his head and bounces around in a more confusing pattern. If you are stuck or have no idea how to beat the boss, you can use the tips with the tips button. But remember, only use the tips is absolutely necessary, because it will make the boss fight an easy feat. I also added an info screen, explaining the objective of the game, how to play, and other complex matters. 

 - Antoine


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Nov 04, 2018

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