Range dab problem fixed!

Hi All! 

There have been many errors found in the last release with the new game mechanism of range dabs as I only added the feature in under 2 hours. In this update, I have fixed them all and also made some adjustments and improvements! 

Here are the errors fixed: 

1) Range dab object now collides with floating platforms

2) Spike, moving platform, and bouncy platform collision errors fixed

3) No more lagging when on certain ground object

4) When it's game over in 2 player mode the players can no longer move

Here are the new features and improvements

1) Range dab object changed to fireball (fireball made by roan)

2) Range dab object is animated

3) Range dab now features in multiplayer mode 

If you find any  more errors, or come up with a possible game improvement, please let me know in the comments below :)


 - Antoine

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