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Downloaded The New levels they're good.


jus saying, there isn't a button to get out of the pvp. There is only a replay button :P

Hi! If you looked at the controls page through the button on the home screen, it says to press P or Escape to pause the game, and the home button is in the pause menu. Thank you for the advice i'll make a home button in the pvp game over screen. 

Thanks, Antoine a.k.a Larry


hello its a pretty nioce game

Thanks for the support Rohan! 

also sometimes when you die your character flies into the nearest obstacle when you respawn.

you cannot stop or jump when this is happening. can you fix it?

Hi roan thats only an issue that would be if you knock into the side of a spike or a slope when you die which is quite unlikely, but then if you jump everything will be normal again.